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I am a Survivor, among many, fighing for our right to live on this God Forsaken Rock. These Creatures we fight I will make a List of and the known ways to kill them quick and easy. - Smith, Brandon Pilot of the Dragoon, Fighter Class 6.55-7 Date: 9/8/2139

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Spike Spiter:

they are One of the aftermath of the People who came in contaced with the Creatures(whom still Need a name) and they can run, but are slightly stupid, they Will Swarm you givin the chance, the bodies of the people are Very skiny and when they attaic they Almost "breath inn" and Spit this baseball sized wad of what looks liek "gum" and when it hits you or Anything Warm it reacts to it and then Froces Spikes Threw to the other side killing that person.

The Cryer:

This creature has the outer apearence of a 6 year old girl who crys and yells for "mommy" only making you fall pry to her,she is all but there, dead you could say when you come close to her, a snake/worm liek thing come form out her back to get you. The Cryer is placed in a corner and has her back to you makin it almost inposable to tell if she is alive.. or not.

Blood Bus:

while the Le' Amortis virus spred threw the cities most elementary schools Were hit hard, do to the fact that it was "Fleid Day", Doors and Windows open, Children Outside playing in the grass. Do to All the deaths of the children and teachers most of the Buses that they hid on became filled with there blood, Spawning the name.. Another thing to note, these Buses arn't parked, its been known and I have seen the Bus drive up to a patroll, Crash, the door opens, blood flows down the steps and these small, childsized creatures crawl, run, jump and fly at you, with the rage to eat you alive, its quite sicking to think of.


Do to the misundetstoud nature of the creatures No one ones for sure Why the Reapers have the abulty to fly, they can sore up to highs of 747's. but eitherway they are own souly as Reapers is for the fact that they Look like The Grim Reaper. Even down to the Glowing Blood colored eyes, its been known that many men can go mad by its gaze alone. and lets Not forget His/her Left Hand, apon being grabed you either must Fight to get out of its grip or Burn, for there arms has some sort of "Fire Starting Toxin" that can and has killed many.

Speed Freak:
This creature is new to us, and little is known of it, there is a report of 1 to 3 of these creatures have taken out a Full recon group of 120 Strong, well armed men and women. only 3 people have made it to safty, 2 men here and 1 women at our sister camp to the west. all there stories work with eachother and 1 of the two that returned here, a Captain Robert, told me that he saw a creature get shot by a Sentail Sniper Rifle(50. Cal.) and... Not Die. form what we Do know, there fast, good killers and have blades for limbs, they walk/run on all-fours and are Very good hunters, and they can.. "play dead." which is how Captain Robert's team got it into the camp.